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“ALOVITA” is a Herbal Soft Drink. It is a carbonated/Aerated Fizzy Drink made of Popularly Known Indian Medicinal Plant/Herb ALOEVERA with added Natural Flavors (Lemon, Nannari & Rose Petals). ALOVITA is a first of its kind ready to sip Fizzy Drink made in INDIA.

Aloevera Extract, Chemical Free Organic Sugar, Carbonated Water, Vitamin ‘C’, Acidity Regulator and other Natural & Organic Extracts (NO SYNTHETIC COLORS, NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES)

All the Health Benefits of Aloevera are available in ALOVITA. Because, ALOEVERA Extract is the base & Major Ingredient in ALOVITA.

ALOVITA is a “Herbal Soft Drink” made of Natural & Organic Ingredients. Hence, it is an Organic Drink.

ALOVITA is a “Herbal Soft Drink” made of Natural & Organic Ingredients. Of course, ALOVITA is a Health Drink since it is packed with all the Health Benefits of Aloevera.

No such Restrictions at all. Anybody can drink ALOVITA irrespective of Age Group, Male/Female

YES. Of Course. ALOVITA contains very low percentage of Chemical Free Organic Sugar(Just to make the Drink tasty).

Yes. Co2 is a proven and widely used Food Preservator. To preserve the Natural Ingredients, little dosage of Co2 is added in ALOVITA. Moreover, when we consume ALOVITA, the moment we unseal the cap, the little dosage of Co2 is going out.
However, soft drinks which are available in the market with high level dosage of Co2 with added Chemical Stabilizers are not advisable to drink. The Factual reason is that, the Chemical Stabilizer will cause damage to our magnesium and calcium contents in human body.

ALOVITA comes in ready to sip, single serve, handy & comfortable pet bottles for Just Rs.30/- per bottle.

ALOVITA comes in three different tasty & natural flavors of Lemon, Nannari and White Rose Petals.

ALOVITA gives you its better taste when it is served chilled

YES. ALOVITA is an approved Product. It has FSSAI(Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) License No:12416002000040. Happy Food Products is a Registered Manufacturer by Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises-Govt. of India(Registration No:TN02A0000170). ALOVITA is a Registered Trade Mark(No:3182052)