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About Us

About Us

Greetings to you from Happy Food Products !!!

We would like to introduce ourselves as a Young Innovative Manufacturer of Herbal Based Soft Drinks made of Indian Medicinal Plants. Our product “ ALOVITA” is a carbonated Fizzy Drink made of Popularly Known Herb ALOEVERA with added natural flavors(Lemon, Nannari & Rose Petals). We strongly recommend you to Drink ALOVITA whenever you feel of having a cool drink/water/Juice. We are sure that, ALOVITA is going to be a Grand Success in the Beverage Market in INDIA and Internationally.

ALOVITA is a first of its kind Herbal Soft Drink made in INDIA. Natural Aloevera Extraction Added with Organic Lemon Juice/Nannari Extract/Rose Petals Extract. Carbonated tasty ready to drink Fizzy Soft Drink. Good for health and it is a natural Body Coolant. Lemon/Nannari/Rose Petals flavor can be felt by our taste buds when we drink as it dominates the slight bitter taste of aloevera. Available in comfortable single serve very handy 230ml Pet Bottles. ALOVITA is an ideal drink for our regular day to day consumption to keep our Body cool always.


Health Benefits of Aloevera

  • Aloevera is Natural Body Coolant
  • Aloevera cleanses our Digestive System
  • Aloevera is a proven Tissue Regenerator
  • Aloevera is a proven Blood Purifier
  • Aloevera is a proven Immuno Booster
  • Aloevera is a proven Anti-oxidant
  • Aloevera is a rich source of Calcium & Iron
  • Aloevera has rich Protein & Mineral Contents
  • Aloevera has rich Enzymes & Fibre Contents
  • Aloevera is Rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C & E